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ABC Tech

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As simple as dot dot dot

ABC Tech is a Romanian start-up that helps everyone who owns a mobile phone with easy solutions to stay connected. A phone charger isn't big news, but turning it into impulse buying is. 

You can find these phone accessories at checkout in over 600 retail stores across Romania. Gas stations, hypermarkets, restaurants, cafes, you name it. Thanks to this idea, the business has already reached its first million euros in less than one year since launch.


Easy. No fuss

The name was a given, so our job was to express it in a relevant and distinctive way. The slogan captures what the brand is about: readiness. It has the courage to say that charging shouldn't be a fuss or a headache in modern times. 

ABC Tech is the IKEA of phone accessories. It’s not just the product that is easy and friendly. It’s also the way you buy it and how it becomes part of your life.
— Laura

Dot Dot Dot

The visual identity is simple and clear. The three-dot symbol makes it easy to remember the ABC in the brand name and looks like a battery that's charging.  

It’s an honest identity that shows the brand as it is: simple, practical, a bit fun, nothing fancy.
— Alin

We used NodeBox to develop a pattern based on the logo. It's an array of moving dots that give the feeling of connectivity.

Unitary design system for product displays

Unitary design system for product displays


Alive with colour

The communication platform is free and relaxed, ensuring just enough consistency to keep the brand recognizable. The colour palette is flexible as well: white for simplicity, green for charging, and vivid backgrounds which contrast the products.

The products are so bright and shiny that you cannot help playing with them. Let’s do some patterns!
— Bogdan

Essentials with attitude

The communication is straightforward and accessible because the products are universal. A bit of character comes along naturally too when the business idea is smart. We worked on all the details from product and packaging to the sales presentation to keep the brand consistent in every touchpoint.

Product shots by  Point Studio

Product shots by Point Studio