Strategy & Design

We do branding, strategy, naming, identity systems, communication, rules, and a lot of thinking. 

Photo by  @adi_tudose , in the hidden yard of Zambaccian art museum

Photo by @adi_tudose, in the hidden yard of Zambaccian art museum

Understanding is the way to good design. Every project is unique. What we do is to listen, learn, and then listen again. Together with our clients we define the one idea to build on. We take it step by step and do everything right. Make it work in every touchpoint, from a profile picture to a fleet of cars. We care for the details that no one notices and give enough time to make it beautiful, timeless and sometimes witty. Designing is mostly thinking and partly doing. And a keen eye. What we deliver are tools for the future. We aim for clarity, efficiency and impact. 

Common sense is often enough to create a meaningful strategy.

Laura Ristea is an empathic strategist. She knows her way around people and does her best to understand them. She is focused on getting to the core and then making things happen. Educated in strategic marketing at Maastricht University and BI Norwegian Business School, Laura is eager to put branding to good use. Her branding experience goes from crafted products to retail chains. For Laura, beauty is in the simple things. She appreciates Nordic design and Japanese philosophy. A geek at heart, she hopes to do the strategy for a science museum one day. 

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Design is more than an empty shell. It needs to be useful and lasting.

Alin Tămășan is a mindful designer. He is the one with his feet on the ground, able to understand the big picture and come up with a way to go. In 17 years of working in Cluj, Bucharest and Prague he gained experience in a wide array of design projects, from beer to banks. He is aware of everything going on, be it technology, design or culture. In his spare time, he rides a steel Cinelli bike from the 80s. Alin’s dream project is doing the signage system for a big city.

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