New Hye designer: Bogdan Dumitrache

Photo by Adi Tudose. August 2015.

Photo by Adi Tudose. August 2015.

We are now three times Hye. Happy to announce designer Bogdan Dumitrache as our new mate. Don't Google him, he's an Apple guy. Kidding. But seriously, don't. You won't find him on social networks. We'll paint a picture of him for you. Say hi to Bogdan!

Bogdan started his career when Romanian advertising was booming. He joined Brandient where he worked on several big projects. While living in Slovenia, Bogdan designed the website for the President of the Republic. Then the Bitdefender Box. And many other cool things. Recently he coded his own iOS app from scratch. 

We are friends and it feels only natural when we work together. Design is not only about fixing problems, it’s also about having some fun. That’s why I am comfortable with joining Hye.
— Bogdan Dumitrache

When we first started talking about the studio, Bogdan was already our friend. We spent last summer together cooking the idea. He was enthusiastic about it. After testing the waters for a few months, we knew it was good. So Bogdan left Bitdefender and joined our team.

We're already sharing stuff to do and it's like a carrousel. Now we're looking for a bigger office. So let us know if you spot something.