I heart Cubitts

I recently had the nicest experience in a while. I needed a new pair of spectacles so I started googling to see what's cool. It's almost impossible to choose with so much stuff out there. From a bunch of websites that all looked the same, Cubitts spoke to me. 

Based in the heart of London, Cubitts handcrafts spectacles and sunglasses in classic British styles. The founder's idea is to revive what was once the optical capital of the world by combining design, technology and common sense.

I spent a whole Sunday afternoon online with this brand and it felt like walking into their store. Every little thing convinced me. How they handcraft the frames. How they make custom models from scratch. How they explain everything. All with good intentions.

Alin's favorite thing in the package: the tiny screwdriver

Alin's favorite thing in the package: the tiny screwdriver

British style, no fuss

Cubitts is as British as it gets. The name comes from the Cubitt brothers, engineers and architects who lived at King's Cross station. All glasses are named after streets in the area, which kept me browsing through the whole collection. I picked the quirkiest: Wollstonecraft.

Along with the vintage spirit, the brand lives and breathes easiness. Making it easy for people to own a unique pair of glasses. I was happy to find not only the usual frame colors like black or brown, but also stranger ones like honey yellow. I chose translucent.

Laura Wollstonecraft, No. 50△23 145

Laura Wollstonecraft, No. 50△23 145

Every little detail

Cubitts puts a lot of thought into all touch points, every step of the way. The mood, the presentation, the navigation during and after sale, the natural interaction with the staff, the neat package, down to every pin and hinge in the masterly crafted pair of glasses. 

When I asked for help with my prescription, I got it instantly. I even learnt the names of their two Romanian colleagues. It was like a normal conversation in the store. When I got my package, it felt like a surprise from someone I know. And the frame is impeccable. I love it.