It's business time

We live in a country where conditions are far from perfect. Poor education, corrupted system, unfair competition, no respect for people, no rules. It’s a jungle out here and we all know it. There are far more urgent needs than good design to be fulfilled. Design is superficial, some would say. So how can we make design matter? How can we help?

There's a lot to be done to make Romania a better place to live. But every little thing matters. Small steps. Doing your business right. Working for fair businesses with good ideas. Encouraging start-ups. Embracing technology. Getting involved in social, cultural or environmental issues. In other words, let's put design to worthwhile use as encouraged in the First Things First Manifesto



We won’t change everything. Not all of a sudden. Not by ourselves. But we are willing to try. Hats off to all those of you out there already struggling to make a difference. Artists with a strong say about who we are as a nation. Journalists who put it straight in the news. People who educate about the power of design. Little businesses that make our days worthwhile. Big businesses that play a fair game. Public institutions that try to do their jobs properly. Everyone. Everyone contributing matters. 

We are joining the fight. It's time for change, struggle, hope, fight, beauty. Time to build a kick-ass country. It’s worth a shot, right? It so happens that today is our National Day. Happy birthday, Romania! Now let’s get down to business.

Our hopes are high. Who’s with us?