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Service Return

Brand Identity, Positioning, Website Design, Communication

All taken care of

Service Return is the online platform that manages service and return issues. Joining retailers, consumers and repairers, it takes care of all the unwanted problems that waste time and energy for everyone. We defined the brand around the no worries mindset — easiness, reliability and optimism. 

Logo SR.png

For the identity, we went for the SR monogram to transform the given brand name into a memorable app-like icon. The two letters combine into a strong symbol with a futuristic look, forming a sharp plus sign in between.

Card Tech Care.jpg

We designed the platform keeping in mind that it's a tool for people. Everything should be simple, useful and reassuring. A consistent and intuitive interface with familiar icons guide the user every step of the way. The onboarding, videos and tone of voice contribute a great deal too.

The videos help explain the utility of the platform to the different types of users it brings together. As a new type of service, it's a must to have a clear and human communication to reach out to people. We wrote the script, Rivulet did the magic.