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Happy luxury

Sole is the online destination for beauty and style where you’ll find a curated selection of fine bags, perfumes, cosmetics and accessories. Inspired from the first floor of a department store, this retailer brings Romanians the luxury brands that they normally find when travelling abroad. It’s a hotspot for established names such as Balenciaga and Balmain or emerging designers like Retrosuperfuture and Off-White.

We position Sole as the place where luxury meets happiness. Customers should feel welcome when they enter the shop, not intimidated by all the luxe. Together with the excitement and pleasure derived from the self-indulging treats, the experience should also be fresh and easy, more accesible, sophisticated not snobbish.

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New arrival, new look

The refined wordmark is designed to be both precious and precise. By occupying the same optical space, the letters sit comfortably in a square, which works well for profile pictures, app icons and other digital contexts. 

The new color palette is stylish, optimistic and warm. Black and white are common sense in luxury, offwhite is both beautiful and useful, particularly for showcasing products online. Happy yellow is Sole’s personal touch, a vibrant and fresh nuance, solar like the name.


Happy luxury.png

We use a daring combination of fonts to create an appropriate, but surprising look. Domaine brings the high class, Monserrat is the functional one, while Jean-Luc packs a punch in the identity. The latter is inspired by the title sequence lettering in Godard’s movies, which are iconic for the stylishness of the characters.



The retailer’s new identity is consistently applied and thought-through on all touchpoints, including the little things that make a difference when shopping.

Sole Price Holder 03.jpg
I started this business out of passion for beauty and style and I feel fully represented by the new brand. With great care and enthusiasm, Hye has really made Sole shine.
— Angela Țiboc, founder of Sole

The communication platform addresses a wide range of day-to-day needs, online and offline, starting with the launch of a new brand or seasonal sales, down to a simple discount label.


The happy shop

Alongside the regular online shop, we introduce the alternative of browsing the finest products by interest. The interface is much simpler, so beauty lovers and style aficionados can just scroll down and simply heart the beautiful objects, without being bothered by all the usual details. 

The happy shop is a nice way to find inspiration. You can explore curated lists handmade by Sole or local influencers such as make-up artists, hair stylists or fashion bloggers. You can also create your own profile, add collections of your favorite items and share them with the community. It’s social shopping!