Hye plus one

Today we celebrate one year of awesomeness and Bogdan as our partner.

Bogdan is a natural addition to the team. He wants to do great things as much as we do. He's got skills to complete ours. And he's the wisest of us, growing up in a different generation. We've been working side by side for months now. It was about time to seal our partnership with an equal share of the company.

Hard work and fun

It's been a full year at Hye Studio. We've been running, rushing, searching, zooming, turning, walking, kicking, hoping, but never sitting. Always reasoning. Sometimes frowning, sometimes smiling. But mostly eager, fervent, hungry. Restless to solve problems. We're in this for the long run.

The adventure is taking us to exciting places, from technology to coffee. Our first four identities are starting to see the light of day, while other two are still cooking. The first app we designed together is waiting to be programmed. Our pro bono project for the Ministry of Environment is a first attempt at public work. 

Old and new friends

Our fellowship is growing as we keep on going. Confrontation is challenging, but there's a certain warmth and comfort in working with friends. Having coffee at Origo to plan the week, going out for beers every other evening, spending the weekend at the seaside, debating art and life on a trip to Madrid.

We keep meeting new fine people along the way. We Are Museums connected us with museum folks from around the world: the MNAR team, Hilke Wagner of Albertinum, Steve Johnson-Wozowiecki of TBO Interactive, and Martijn Pronk, the creator of Rijksstudio.

To go further, we seek to collaborate. Adi Tudose, Anna Florea, and Serban Ilicevici are not only familiar faces, but people who take their work seriously. Enthusiastic, willing and bright. Our latest project is an animated video on a heavy topic that we are trying to enlighten.  

Happy to share all of this with you. Cheers!

Laura Ristea